The Schooner Fionia ;

The Schooner Fionia 

Hop on board and experience a real sailing vessel 

with sea foam in your nostrils and beer froth in your beard. 

Feel the wind in your hair and the presence of history. Help hoist the beautiful big sails, and even stand at the helm, steering this magnificent schooner. Enjoy the sea foam in your nostrils and the beer froth in your beard.

The atmosphere on the schooner is in harmony with the distillery, lending a whole new dimension to the production of rum and whisky.

On board the schooner Fionia you and your guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience, taking in the views of the charming Funen archipelago.


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The vessel has space for 38 guests and sails from Nyborg, Svendborg or Faaborg. On the voyage, guests can help hoist the sails and eat in the charming salon or al fresco on the deck. During the trip, the vessel can moor off the shore and, if people are in the mood, you can taste beer, rum and whisky from Ørbæk Bryggeri and Nyborg Destilleri.


Email or call our captain, Allan to find out more! Tel.: +45 40 21 71 64 Email:

A schooner that oozes history 

In 2012, the Rømer Family, the brains behind Ørbæk Bryggeri and Nyborg Destilleri, purchased and restored the Fionia, an old schooner. The family upholds traditional craftsmanship in the brewery and could not resist the charming old wooden vessel that was about to be scrapped.

Interestingly, the Fionia and Ørbæk Bryggeri were built respectively in 1904 and 1906. In fact, the Fionia was used as a cargo ship until 1960, before becoming a sea angling ship in Elsinore and renamed Tina. 

The Fionia was fully refurbished in accordance with old principles of craftsmanship and is ready to provide unforgettable maritime experiences.


You can hire the vessel for family and company outings and it goes without saying that the hold is packed with Naturfrisk’s excellent organic soft drinks, beer and whisky.