The Darling - whisky
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The Darling - whisky

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53.3% alc. vol. 70 cl.

We decided to call the second part of our Iberian Beauty range ‘The Darling’. This whisky is very close to our hearts, and we hope you will also feel the same.


Last year we bottled Barely Legal, which was Part I of the series. Now it is time to bottle Part II – The Darling. It matured for one year in the cask, lending the whisky more body, sweetness and complexity.   


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Spicy Christmas cake with raisins, cinnamon, ginger and baked pears. A little water makes it fruitier, though it remains dark and promising.


Sweet, intense and full-bodied with a long, medium-dry aftertaste. A wonderful whisky from a uniquely good sherry cask. A little water opens it up, lending an even greater whisky taste with more fruit and more grain, but still with all the best features of the sherry cask.

Adventurous Spirit – The Darling


In 2019 we bottled the first portion, which had just turned only three years old. In 2020 we tapped the second part of the cask, and in December 2021 we will tap the third and last part.


In September 2019, we filled a 500L Oloroso sherry cask that had recently been emptied of the sherry that had been in it for 40 years. Prior to that, the whisky had been maturing in two so-called STR wine barrels from Portugal.


Part I - Barely Legal is the youngest whisky we have ever bottled – and probably ever will. However, due to the high quality of our casks, its complexity and sweetness are a match for those of much older single malt whiskies. The same applies to The Darling, which is now four years old. We bottled 219 bottles of The Darling.


Cask 1000058: December 2016 (1st fill STR wine cask)

Cask 1000059: December 2016 (1st fill STR wine cask)

Cask 1000299: September 2019 (1st fill Oloroso sherry cask)



Bottled in December 2020, unfiltered and at cask strength. Natural colour.

Part of our Adventurous Spirit range 

The Darling is part of our Adventurous Spirit range, in which we attempt to make whisky as it was never made before. No two tappings are the same, and only our very special casks will become part of this range. In addition to the Iberian Beauty range, the range also features our Houdini Water. With a strength of 73.1%, it is our strongest whisky ever and our Voulez-vous whisky?, matured in French oak casks. We do not always abide by the rules of the past when it comes to the definition of whisky. What does fascinate us, however, is the future of whisky and what it can be.