Soli Nordica Gin 43% 700 ml
Soli Nordica (1)

Soli Nordica Gin 43% 700 ml

329,- DKK
43% alc. vol. 70 cl.

Classic & Aromatic – Danish organic gin


Handmade on Funen and distilled, using excellent ingredients from the moors of Denmark. We distil according to our own recipe, which includes such ingredients as elderflower, bog-myrtle, hops and juniper.


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Soli Nordica inspiration

Soli Nordica is great in most cocktails where a classic gin is called for. It also tastes lovely in a totally classic G&T. 

A classic, aromatic, organic gin

Soli Nordica is a homage to genuine Funen craftsmanship, made with love and care. It is a classic gin with fresh citrus notes and carefully composed herbs. It is great in most cocktails and also in a classic G&T with ice and a slice of lemon. 

Herba Flora - with respect for nature

Soli Nordica is part of our Herba Flora range of gins. Each has its own unique expression and taste. Our respect for nature is what forms the basis for this organic gin range.