MIST 114° mini - gin ;
Gin Mist 100

MIST 114° mini - gin

94,- DKK
57% alc. vol. 10 cl.
Bold and seaworthy.
Our organic MIST gin is made from juniper, kelp and saltwort.
100% organic. Distilled at Nyborg Destilleri.
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MIST Inspiration

MIST is lovely on its own on ice, but you can also try it in a variety of cocktails. Try it, for example, in a G&T.  



MIST is an organic gin made from juniper, kelp and saltwort. The kelp and saltwort create a special, salty taste, making MIST a totally unique experience. This gin captures the essence of the sea. It abounds in umami flavours and is, quite simply, extraordinary. MIST is a Danish gin and you will never have tasted anything like it before.


We recommend trying your MIST gin ice cold and over ice – the taste is so special it deserves to be savoured on its own. Alternatively, you can try MIST gin with a dry tonic, topped off with a little saltwort.

Botanicals: Juniper, kelp and saltwort. Garnish: Saltwort


Winner of: WSA Gold, Spirits Masters Gold, IWSC Silver, SFWSC Silver and NYWSC bronze.

100% organic gin. Distilled at Nyborg Destilleri.


Did you know that our 57% vol. MIST gin is ‘gunpowder proof’? The story goes that, in the 19th century, the sailors in the British Royal Navy used to pour rum or gin on gunpowder to test the strength of the alcohol.


If they could still ignite the gunpowder, this was proof that the percentage of alcohol was high enough not to destroy the gunpowder, if by accident the alcohol wet it. They could confidently sail away with no fear that the alcohol would destroy their gunpowder when the sea was stormy and the barrels of alcohol leaked.

So pleasant in my mouth and the bottle is still a navy strength. The light salty sea note hits my tongue making the way to the medium strong juniper. In the end I get a spicy burn from the sea.

- Frederik Bonde, @Ginmops