Isle of Fionia Skipper's Mist 49,8% 700 ml
ND IOF Skippers Mist

Isle of Fionia Skipper's Mist 49,8% 700 ml

895,- DKK
Isle of Fionia Whisky 
49.8% alc. vol. 70 cl.

Skipper's Mist is a strong, fruity and balanced whiskey with mild sweetness and a slight smoky taste. It has clear notes of cask and vanilla from the aging in Virgin French Oak for a single season aboard the schooner Fionia, which has also contributed to the dark color. The smoke comes from a Bourbon cask filled with new make made from smoked malt in 2016, which has been stored all these years in our warehouse in Ørbæk and Nyborg respectively.


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Lovely cask notes and smoke. A little iodine and medicine in the nose, which only makes it good.


Sea strong taste of cask, vanilla, fresh fruit, dried fruit, mild smoke and good sweetness.

Strong, fruity and slightly smoky

Skipper's Mist gets its name as an allusion to its maritime connections and slightly smoky flavor. One of the casks included in Skipper's Mist, a 50 liter Virgin French Oak, has been aboard the schooner Fionia for a single season. The small cask combined with aging in the sea has given significant cask notes and lots of color to the whisky. The smoky taste comes from new make made from smoked malt and aged in a Bourbon cask first in Ørbæk Brewery and since 2017 in Nyborg Distillery. All in all, a whiskey with lovely notes of cask, vanilla, fresh fruit, dried fruit and a mild taste of smoke and good sweetness. So spit out the skates, pour the grog overboard and get ready for a tasteful "wheelhouse" that will make the sirens stop singing and mermaids come aboard for a drink.


Part of our Adventurous Spirit series

Skipper's Mist is part of our Adventure Spirit series where we try to make whiskey like it hasn't been made before. No two bottlings will be alike and only the very special of our casks will become part of this series. In addition to La Plume, the series also includes our Houdini Water, which, with a strength of 73.1%, is our strongest whiskey ever and our La Plume, which has aged all of seven in a French Cognac Barrique. So we don't always let ourselves be bound by the rules of the past about what whiskey is. On the other hand, we are concerned with what whiskey can become.


100% organic, Danish produced whisky.