Isle of Fionia Peated 48% 700 ml
Iof Peated

Isle of Fionia Peated 48% 700 ml

795,- DKK
Isle of Fionia Whisky 
48% alc. vol. 70 cl.

Isle of Fionia Peated is our first smoky whisky. Of that we are proud. Of course, it is organic too.


It is bottled at 48% alcohol strength: the strength we believe is perfect for Isle of Fionia Peated.


 100% organic whisky. Distilled at Nyborg Destilleri.


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A smoky whisky finished off in STR wine casks

Isle of Fionia Peated is made from medium-smoked organic malt, which gives it a pleasant but clearly smoky taste. It was first matured in former Jack Daniels Bourbon casks and then partially finished in white oak STR wine casks. Finally, we bottled it at 48% alcohol strength: the strength we believe is perfect for Peated. This whisky is also a great example of why smoked whisky tastes particularly good while it is still young. This makes the smoky taste clearer and stronger. 

100% organic whisky Distilled at Nyborg Destilleri.

Shaved, Toasted and Re-charred

STR stands for Shaved, Toasted and Re-charred. The way STR works is that you first scrape 5mm from the inside of the wine cask’s staves (Shaved). The inside of the cask is then Toasted and Re-charred. This whole process made the taste of our whisky extra special. The STR casks we used made the whisky rounder, lending it greater complexity and extra colour – when compared to whisky that was only matured in Bourbon casks. The two types of casks together made it possible for us to make a complex, characterful and harmonious single malt whisky.