Isle of Fionia Little Isle 43% 700 ml
Iof Little Isle

Isle of Fionia Little Isle 43% 700 ml

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Isle of Fionia Whisky 
43% alc. vol. 70 cl.

Isle of Fionia Little Isle is a young and welcoming whisky that offers both fruitiness and sweetness.


Little Isle smells vinous, fresh and fruity. The good influence from the port wine cask is clear, and you find both red grapes, cherries and spices. Light vanilla and a little pear also peek out, and finally the whisky promises depth with hard-roasted nuts and burnt cask notes.


The taste is sweet with prominent notes from the port wine cask. The round corners, the fruitiness and the depth that the nose promised are found again in the taste. It is a young whisky with a mature expression. It can easily handle a little water, where you will find that the taste opens up even more.



Isle of Fionia Little Isle is an organic whisky made from local malt and aged 3-4 years in three different cask types; Bourbon, port and STR casks.


Bourbon casks

For the first few years, Little Isle ages in bourbon casks, which among other things give our Little Isle whisky notes of vanilla, green apples and pears. In addition, the inner charcoal layer of the bourbon cask helps to file off the sharp edges of the young whiskey so that it feels good in the mouth.


Port wine casks

The 300 liter port casks we have used were previously used for Ruby Port and add sweetness, depth, fruit and colour to Little Isle.


STR casks

STR stands for Shaved, Toasted, and Recharred. The process works by first scraping 5 millimeters of the staves on the inside of the cask (Shaved). Then the inside of the cask is again toasted (Toasted) and charred (Recharred). Aging in STR casks makes the taste of our whisky rounder and gives it greater complexity and extra color compared to whisky aged solely in bourbon casks.


The combination of casks has allowed us to produce a complex, inviting, albeit lively single malt whisky despite the whisky's young age.


100% organic whiskey. Distilled at Nyborg Distillery.

Part of the Isle of Fionia range 

Little Isle is part of our Isle of Fionia whisky range, and if the Isle of Fionia were a whisky house, then Little Isle would be the entrance into this cozy house; a young (three-four years), lively and approachable whisky that offers both fruitiness, sweetness and exuberance.