Danish Oak
Iof Danish Oak

Isle of Fionia Danish Oak 46% 700 ml

895,- DKK
Isle of Fionia Whisky 
46% alc. vol. 70 cl.


In our eyes, Isle of Fionia Danish Oak is not just a whisky. It is the apple of our eye and a testimony to the fantastic transformations that both cask and whisky need to undergo to create something as beautiful as our Danish Oak.


The taste is fruity with notes of pears, along with notes of nuts and lovely soft tannins.


Boosted in casks of Danish oak from Funen of the Quercus Robur type, in Danish called Stilkeg or Common Oak.


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The moment you open Danish Oak you will encounter a beautiful aroma of pear, apricot and hazelnut. It will not take a moment before you also notice a whiff of Virginia tobacco and the lovely cask tannins that add a fresh acidity to the whisky. 


Danish Oak is a mild, sweet whisky and many of the same notes of the fragrance recur in the taste. You will taste notes of pear, apricot and hazelnut and lovely cask tannins.

A whisky in Danish oak casks

Isle of Fionia Danish Oak is a beautiful organic whisky, boosted in casks made from Danish oak. We made the oak casks for Danish Oak from oak trees from Erholm Manor on the island of Funen. Not only does the oak invest the whisky with an amazing taste, it also tells a story of how this whisky’s journey started way back in the late 19th century. It was then that an acorn was sowed in the grounds of Erholm Manor and then grew into a huge, beautiful oak tree, which was ultimately transformed into our casks. 


We filled our Danish oak casks with some of our best whisky, which had already matured in a cask for 5-7 years. Because new casks are so strong and full of flavour, after some time we stopped the maturation process and then transferred the whisky to new Bourbon casks where it remained until ready for bottling.

100% organic whisky Distilled at Nyborg Destilleri.