Cask No 1 - whisky
Cask No 1

Isle of Fionia Cask No. 1 58% 500 ml

1.995,- DKK
Isle of Fionia Whisky 
58% alc. vol. 50 cl.

Cask No 1 is the first-ever whisky we made. 

It was placed in the cask in 2009 and bottled in 2012. Though that makes it a young whisky, it still tastes wonderful. 


We only bottled 362 bottles of this whisky and believed they were all gone. But then we found about 100 bottles tucked away at Ørbæk Bryggeri where the whisky had originally been bottled. They are now available for purchase and you have the opportunity to be the proud owner of one of these exclusive bottles. 



Fruity - in particular, light notes of green apple - and vanilla. A fresh, crisp fragrance that produces a slight tingling sensation in the nose. A few drops of water opens it up beautifully, enhancing all the fragrance impressions.



It matches the fragrance. It is fruity, full-bodied and fresh, tingling and piquant on the tongue and palate, with good, albeit discreet aftertaste, but where the oak cask is undeniable. It is a totally unique example of the distillery’s whisky style and distinctiveness, which also recurs in Ardor.


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