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69.8% alc. vol. 50 cl.

An intense, aromatic and mysterious experiment. Matured for six years in a 30L American white oak cask.


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Undiluted, the rum has an intense fragrance of coconut, vanilla and spices. But the alcohol is intense and curbs what the rum reveals.

Water releases more coconut and vanilla and promises sweetness, while we can sense that this was once a fruity white rum. However, the strong, dark notes of spice from the cask are very dominant.

Aroma - Mouth

Undiluted, the rum has an intense taste of caramelised brown sugar, light vanilla and lots of cask.

Water opens the rum up, lending it a more complex taste and fullness on the palate. The sweetness and spices are reminiscent of Danish Christmas cakes and pastries, while strong tannins from the cask leave a sense of dryness in the mouth, together with a long, delicious aftertaste.

A rum experiment from Nyborg Destilleri

Between 2012 and 2014, we filled a series of barrels of just 30L with distillate: most with new make whisky, but some of them with white rum too. This cask is one of them. When the rum was six years old, we thought it was time to empty this unique cask.


We have been making our Huracán rum for several years now. It is a blend of Danish and Latin American rum. However, this rum is 100% Danish. First we made a ‘wine’ from a mixture of unrefined cane sugar and sugar cane molasses with a strength of approx. 11% abv., which we then distilled as delicately as we possibly could to a strength of about 84%. This strength makes it an extremely light rum. Next, we diluted the white rum to 65% before maturing it in a small, 30L American white oak cask.

The cask had not been used before, and the wood was charred according to a recipe known to coopers as ‘Toasting Medium Plus’ (TM+). In other words, it was charred at medium-high heat for an extra-long time. The result of the six years’ maturation in the small cask is a highly intense, strong rum.


Distilled: February 2014

Bottled: March 2020

Cask 1000080: White oak TM+ (30L)

Body strength: 65.0% abv.

Bottle strength: 69.8% abv.

Colour: Natural

Filtering: None

Sweetening: No sweetener


The high strength of the rum

What happens is that the strength of a room may increase while it matures in the cask. In special conditions – which are not always predictable – from certain casks, relatively more water than alcohol evaporates, and the alcohol strength increases. In this case, the rum climbed to 69.8% during its six years in the cask.