Fionia Gin 42% 700 ml
ND Fioniagin 70Cl

Fionia Gin 42% 700 ml

299,- DKK
Fionia Spirits 
42% alc. vol. 70 cl.

Fionia Gin contains our own blend of fruit and spices, including citrus, ginger, juniper and coriander etc.


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Fionia Gin Inspiration

Fionia is a totally classic gin with juniper and citrus notes. That is what makes it so perfect for most cocktails or simply in a classic G&T. 

Classic G&T
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A gin with a history

Our organic Fionia Gin contains our own delicious blend of fruits and spices. Fionia Gin is the first gin we made, and it dates back an impressive nine years. Incidentally, we still produce it, using the same distillation equipment with which the first batch was made back in 2009. It is a classic organic gin with a great, powerful taste of juniper and citrus. There is also a hint of angelica root, ginger and coriander.


Fionia Gin is a gin for anyone who loves a classic, flavoursome gin. 


Botanicals: Juniper, lemon, ginger, angelica root, orange peel and coriander.

100% organic gin.