Fadlagret Sour Ale
ØB Øl Fadlagretsourale 75Cl DK

Fadlagret Sour Ale

65,- DKK
4.8% alc. vol. 75 cl.

Fresh, tart and with a light bitterness. This beer is the result of an experiment, first conducted in 2019, in which Fynsk Forår beer was stored in whisky barrels from Nyborg Destilleri.


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Fresh and tart

Fadlagret Sour Ale is a brew from Funen Spring beer, aged for three to four months in whisky casks from Nyborg Distillery. So, like Fynsk Forår, this beer is a wheat beer brewed with Belgian ale yeast and elderflower. Fadlagret Sour Ale has a special taste and aroma of pineapple, apricot and sour apples with a soft, balanced touch of whisky from its many months of storage in whisky casks. It is a fresh, tart beer with low bitterness. 

Best enjoyed with

Fadlagret Sour Ale is perfect for occasions when you might otherwise drink champagne, for example. It goes brilliantly with delicious summer food such as salmon sandwiches or other fish dishes.