DEW 87° mini - gin
Gin Dew 100

DEW 87° mini - gin

69,- DKK
43.5% alc. vol. 10 cl.

Sophisticated and exquisite.


Our organic DEW gin is made from violets, elderflower, cucumber and juniper.


100% organic. Distilled at Nyborg Destilleri. 


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DEW Inspiration

DEW is rich in sweetness that is a result particularly from the elderflower we used. This also means that it goes especially well with elderflower soda, elderflower tonic or other sweet drinks.

Frozen DEW


This organic gin is made from violets, elderflower, cucumber and juniper. This makes DEW a sweet, delicate gin, perfect for warm summer evenings or whenever you long for a touch of sunshine. All our gins aim to capture appropriate moods that you can experience in Danish weather.Imagine the approach of twilight, dew falling and fresh, yet sweet air. Every single petal on every single flower sparkles with little beads of water. That is the mood that inspired us to create DEW.


We recommend drinking your DEW gin with a an elderflower tonic, garnished with a slice of cucumber.


Botanicals: Violets, elderflower, cucumber and juniper. Garnish: Cucumber


Winner of: WSA Double Gold, NYWSC Gold, Spirits Masters Silver, IWSC Silver and SFWSC Silver 

100% organic gin. Distilled at Nyborg Destilleri


“Fragrance: Great style, expressive concept, some sea air associations, distinct juniper basis, citrus, orange, a lot of floral accents, lavender (...) full alcohol sweetness, balanced, compact, tight body, long-lasting finish.

- Double Gold Medal, Jury evaluation, WSA 2018