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Here you can see what else we make at Nyborg Destilleri 

Fionia Coffee Liqueur

Fionia Coffee Liqueur is made at our distillery in Nyborg, where we use only specially selected ingredients in our production. The coffee liqueur is made from exquisite, organic, decaffeinated coffee. This means it is less bitter than many other coffee liqueurs. Fionia Coffee Liqueur is made from our own Fionia Rum and sweetened with organic cane sugar. In addition to its intense coffee flavour, it also features vanilla and caramel notes.


It tastes amazing on its own, but can also be used in various cocktails. 

White Russian
White Russian
Espresso Martini
Espresso Martini

Rum from Nyborg Destilleri 

At Nyborg Destilleri we also make top quality rum. Our range features three different rums: two dark rums and a light one that is perfect for most cocktails. 



Huracán Rum is a stormy encounter between rum from Latin America and our own Danish rum. We shipped the organic rum across the Atlantic and then matured it in our own casks. Finally we blended it with our own organic rum, distilled right here on Funen.

We used both sherry and bourbon casks to mature Huracán.


Huracanita Rum is a rum experiment, dating back to 2012-2014 when we filled a number of casks of just 30L with distillate: most with new make whisky, but some of them with white rum too. This cask is one of them. After six years in the cask we decided the rum was ready for bottling. Huracanita is a Danish rum with an amazing taste. 


Fionia White Rum is a totally traditional rum with a gentle, elegant taste. While lovely on its own, it is also perfect in an exquisite Mojito or any other rum-based cocktail. 


Fionia Vodka 

Our vodka is made from organic wheat, which lends it a delightful sweetness. That means it is lovely on its own, but also perfect for a wide range of vodka-based cocktails. In addition to cocktails, the vodka is also excellent as a base for homemade fruit and herb schnapps.


Try it in a Moscow Mule or a Raspberry Kiss

Moscow Mule
See recipe
Raspberry Kiss
Raspberry Kiss