Guided Tour & Tasting ;

Guided Tour & Tasting

Come and discover a genuine whisky distillery on a guided tour amongst copper stills, whisky casks and ravishing fragrances.

A Unique Experience

Come and discover a genuine whisky distillery on a guided tour amongst copper stills, whisky casks and ravishing fragrances. A guided tour of Nyborg Destilleri provides you with a unique insight into how we produce our organic whisky, gin and rum.

Following your guided tour, you can enjoy lunch or dinner in our organic Restaurant Remisen. Here, many of the dishes our talented chefs create feature products from the distillery and Ørbæk Bryggeri.

Book your guided tour on this page or call +45 69 88 44 33.

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Guided tour of the distillery

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Price: DKK 150 per person

(incl. tasting)


Friday: 17.30

Saturday: 15.00 and 17.00


What about a different kind of experience for the next company outing? Or is it your turn to plan the next cousin party? So, maybe a guided tour of the distillery would fit the bill. If you are a large group of 10 or more people, you are welcome to contact us to hear about the options we can offer. 

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How we Make Whisky


The grist

All it takes to make whisky is grain and water (- and then a touch of yeast). The grain (and we use only barley) is turned into malt at the malting plant. When the malt arrives at the distillery, we grind it coarsely into malt grist and then feed it into the mash tun (5,000L), where we wash out the sugar in the malt to produce our wort.



The wort is cooled to just over 20 degrees and pumped into one of our four fermenting vats (4 x 6,000 L). We then add the yeast, which starts to eat the sugar in the wort, converting it into alcohol. After 3-6 days we have approximately 5,500L of wash, which contains just over 6% alcohol by volume.


Into the cask

Now it is time to distil the wash. In the pot still, the wash is heated so that the alcohol evaporates and the water remains. At the end of the distillation process, we have a clear alcohol, approximately 83% in strength. We call this ‘new make’. This is then diluted to 63.5% abv. before we pour it in a cask to mature.



In order for us to call it whisky, our ‘new make’ must have matured for at least three years in wooden casks. Most of our whisky matures much longer. It is the cask that lends whisky all its colour and most of its taste, about 70%. But there is a price to pay in the cask maturation process. After 10 years in the barrel, 200L has reduced to 150L. In other words, 25% has evaporated. That is referred to as the ‘Angels’ Share’.

Restaurant Remisen 

Finish off your guided tour with a visit to our restaurant.