Rocket Man - Adventurous Spirit

Rocket Man - Adventurous Spirit

68.6% vol / 700ml / 19 bottles / Bottled in 2019

Rocket Man - Adventurous Spirit

incl. 3 cl sample bottle & 1cl pouring cork

68.6% vol / 700ml / 19 bottles


A whisky in a league of its own – and only 19 bottles

In 2014, a whiskey cask of just 30L was filled with what, five years later, was to become Rocket Man. Over the years, the cask has undergone major evaporation, which is why it has only produced 19 whole bottles (70 cl) and some smaller sample bottles.


Rocket Man is made from lightly beech-smoked malt, which is usually only used in Bavaria to make Rauchbeer. The 30L American white oak cask was originally filled in the cold cellar at Ørbæk Bryggeri, where the temperature was stable at around 10º. Back then, we used a hydrometer to measure the alcohol strength before it was poured into casks. Usually the maturation process is started with an alcoholic strength of 63.5% vol. when poured into the cask. But because the hydrometer was calibrated to work precisely at 20° C, it showed a lower alcohol strength than it actually had. This means that the strength of the alcohol was more like 70% vol. as opposed to the desired 63.5%. Only for this reason was it possible for us to bottle Rocket Man at such high strength.


Tasting notes

When you taste a whisky that is five years old with a strength of just under 70%, there is always a bit of a burning sensation. But the cask notes are still evident.  



When undiluted, there are surprisingly clear toasted notes of toast, hazelnuts and coconut, a little vanilla and a whiff of beech smoke.

Water releases more of the smokiness, enhancing the toasted notes and vanilla. However, the unusual bouquet has a touch of Bourbon.



Undiluted: As expected, there is a strong burning sensation in the mouth cavity, but the cask notes in the nose are undeniable.

With water: (approx. 46%) It becomes much more drinkable – although there is still plenty of ‘fire’ in it. It is a highly complex whisky, dominated by the intense toasted notes. The beech smoke is just a modest backdrop. Again, the taste hovers adventurously between Scotch and Bourbon – with something unmistakably unique, as befits an Adventurous Spirit.