Wanderlust and Love of Whisky

Our love of Scotland and Scotch whisky are a major source of inspiration when we make our own organic whisky. But that does not restrict us. We create our own adventure. That applies to both the whisky and all the other types of spirit we produce.

We create our whisky with great respect for traditions

But we don't always bind ourselves to the rules of the past regarding what whisky should be. Our focus is more directed towards what whisky has the potential to become. We love to explore new paths to craft flavourful whisky. This is particularly evident in our Adventurous Spirit series, where we strive to create whisky in a truly unique way. No two releases will be the same, and only the most exceptional barrels will be chosen to be part of this series. Over time, the series has delivered many exciting whiskies, such as Barely Legal, which matured quickly in two Portuguese STR wine casks before becoming a "real whisky" in a very old 1st fill Oloroso sherry cask. Another example is Houdini Water, our strongest whisky to date with a strength of 73.1%.

In our regular Isle of Fionia range, we offer three whiskies aiming to capture the same great taste with each batch. Here you'll find our Danish Oak - a beautiful organic whisky finished in barrels made from Danish oak, crafted from old oak trees at Erholm God on Funen. There's also our Peated, a smoked variation of Danish, organic whisky made with 100% peat-smoked malt (35 ppm), initially matured in 1st-fill ex-bourbon barrels. Finally, we have Little Isle, a delightful, easily accessible, soft, and round whisky finished in port wine casks. We also have a New Make at 46%, ideal for various cocktails. The malt in our non-peated whisky comes from local fields on Funen.

All our whiskies are 100% organic and distilled at Nyborg Distillery. None of our products are cold-filtered.

Local organic barley malt for our whisky

In early March 2020 we started using local barley malt for our whisky production. The barley is grown in the fields of Holckenhavn Castle on East Funen, delivered by Rosilde Højgård and malted at the Sophus Fuglsang Malting Plant in Haderslev.

An agreement between our distillery, Rosilde Højgård and Fuglsang makes this local ‘barley malt adventure’ possible. Rosilde Højgård delivers the barley to Fuglsang, where it is malted. They then provide us with the finest organic Funen barley malt to make wonderful organic whisky for you.

Rosilde Højgård is located between Nyborg and Ørbæk. They have been farming since 1978. Today they have 650 hectares of field, 450 of which are at Holckenhavn Castle, where they have been farming organically since 2016.

Hall of Fame

We create many whiskies, which are so special that we only make them once. They belong to our Adventurous Spirit Range, in which no two bottlings are ever the same. Explore our special whiskies in the gallery below. Please note that all the whiskies are now sold out and no longer made. 


The Lost Pilgrim - Adventurous Spirit

46% / 700 ml /349 bottles / 2018

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Rocket Man - Adventurous Spirit

68.6% vol / 700ml / 19 bottles / 2019

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Houdini Water - Adventurous Spirit

73.1% vol / 700ml / 36 bottles / 2020

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Voulez-vous whisky? – Adventurous Spirit

51.1% vol / 700ml / 24 bottles / 2020

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Tribute 25th

58,8% vol / 700 ml /25 bottles / Bottled in 2022

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