Organic Craft Cocktail

Organic Craft Cocktail

Organic Craft Cocktail

Try the organic, tasty cocktails that are pre-mixed and ready to party and enjoy.

Tasty, easy, Danish-produced and organic

It started with an inquiry from a customer, and a month later we had launched the first of our pre-mixed cocktails. All cocktails contain mixers from Macarn and spirits from Nyborg Destilleri, so you can also choose to mix them yourself. The recipes can be found at

There are four ND Craft Cocktails in the range now, each with their own characteristic taste and composition of ingredients, offer a varied selection of flavors and color variants.

All ND Craft Cocktails are made from the finest, natural ingredients of organic origin and have a taste that can be compared to the most exclusive hand-crafted cocktails. ND Craft Cocktails are the result of a collaboration between Nyborg Distilleri and Ørbæk Byggeri and are delivered in practical 33 cl bottles that contain enough to make two cocktails. Some variants are also offered in kegs.

Here's how to do it

In fact, enjoying a tasty cocktail couldn't be easier. All you have to do is:


1. Fill two glasses with ice.

2. Divide the contents of your bottle of ND Craft Cocktail into the two glasses.

3. Garnish with the garnish that matches the cocktail.


Feel free to let the cocktail sit in the glass for a minute or two so that it becomes really icy cold and inviting.


There is enough for two cocktails in one bottle.



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