Aquavit ;


That ‘wee dram’ (as they say in Scotland) is once again returning to lunch tables in Denmark.


That ‘wee dram’ (as they say in Scotland) that we all know from lunch - and, on a good day, at breakfast too - is making a comeback in Denmark. We have done our utmost to create three beautiful aquavits, each with its own special taste, so you can always find one to suit both food and mood.  

Three aquavits, each with its own character 


Nyborg Caraway Aquavit

Nyborg Caraway Aquavit is a classic aquavit with a sweet fragrance of orange peel, flowers and fruit 

The taste is classic through and through – just milder and friendlier. It has a wonderful sweetness - despite its 40% strength. You will also notice the caraway, which harmonises beautifully with the clear orange notes to elevate the taste. Notes of thyme lend depth to the aquavit. The aftertaste is spicy, pleasant and long-lasting.

Nyborg Caraway Aquavit is a perfect accompaniment to a traditional Danish lunch. 


Nyborg Dill Aquavit 

Nyborg Dill Aquavit has a fresh bouquet of fresh dill and citrus and just a touch of coconut and sea buckthorn.

The flavour is an exquisite interaction between marked notes of dill and coriander, followed by both sweetness and freshness. For an aquavit, there is a lovely harmony and mildness on the palate. The aftertaste is gentle - both fresh and full-bodied.

Perfect with an open faced prawn sandwich and fresh fish.


Nyborg Danish Oak Aquavit

Nyborg Danish Oak Aquavit features has a clear bouquet of cask notes, evoking Danish pastries with vanilla cream and toasted nuts. It also has a lovely aroma of orange peel, caraway and cloves.  
It has a lovely sweet taste. Together with notes of vanilla and oak, it evokes homemade cakes and pastries. The taste is intense, concentrated and spicy, dominated by caraway. The aftertaste is pleasant and long-lasting.
Ideal for a cheese board or a freshly-smoked mackerel